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The Green Party’s New Advert Turns Politicians Into Little Children

The Greens gave BuzzFeed News an advance look at their new party political broadcast, which attacks David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn for being childish mainstream politicians.

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This is the new Green party political broadcast, and it is fantastically bizarre.

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The party gave BuzzFeed News an advance look at "The not so secret life of 5-year-old politicians", which will be broadcast on TV tonight ahead of May's local elections in England and Wales.

The advert criticises the mainstream politics of David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn by having a large number of small children run around a school arguing while dressed as Conservative and Labour politicians. That's because in this world of creepily accurate cabinet minister children it's only the Greens who offer a "true alternative to the establishment parties" and their "same childish Punch & Judy politics".

This doesn't impress the other little Conservatives.

Green Party

Little Michael Gove on the left is standing to attention, next to little George Osborne and little Theresa May.

Meanwhile, little Zac Goldsmith appears to have turned into a proto-Johnny Borrell.


Little Jeremy is very upset because someone's been writing nasty messages about him during shadow cabinet meetings: "Everybody's saying bad things about me and it has to stop."

Green Party

This is in no way representative of what happens in actual shadow cabinet meetings.


The little Tories shout at little Jeremy about looking a mess and how their mum would never let him go to school looking such a mess.

Green Party

Little Nigel is hiding in the background, waiting for his breakout role.


At the end of all of this, a woman from the Greens pops up to make a pitch for a different sort of "grownup politics".

Green Party

"This political infighting isn't helping anyone," she says. "While the other parties throw around insults, we've been working hard for you. We're a party that believes in an economy that gives everyone their fair share."

Instead, the party pledges to "stand up to protect our NHS and ensure that the quality of your health care is never determined by what’s in your wallet" and "do everything it can to empower people: redistributing influence so it’s no longer in the hands of the privileged few".

The advert was made by Creature of London, which also produced last year's viral video portraying the leaders of the main political parties as a boy band, and will be shown for the first time tonight on ITV at 6.25pm.

Jim Waterson is a politics editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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