Which Party Should You Actually Vote For?

Elections to the European Parliament are coming up. But which UK political party should you vote for?

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    1. Yes, if we can make it more democratic.
    2. Yes, and we should integrate more with the EU.
    3. Perhaps, after holding a referendum.
    4. No, we should leave the EU at the earliest opportunity.
    5. Yes, but we should hold a referendum first.
    1. Nationalise energy companies and run them for public benefit.
    2. Stop expensive investment in green energy.
    3. Make the market more competitive by breaking up monopolies.
    4. Force companies to freeze energy prices by law.
    5. Cut green taxes and order companies to pass on the savings.
    1. Reintroduce the 50% tax rate for people earning over £150,000.
    2. Replace council tax with a tax on the value of land.
    3. Reduce the tax on running a business.
    4. Stop workers on minimum wage paying income tax.
    5. Increase the amount middle-earners can earn at the 20% income tax rate.
    1. The cuts make the most vulnerable pay for the economic crisis.
    2. The cuts haven’t gone far enough.
    3. The cuts are acceptable but must be done in a fair way.
    4. The cuts are the only way to deal with the debt crisis.
    5. Some cuts are necessary but they are being made too fast.
    1. Better border checks so we can tell who is living here.
    2. Reintroduce border controls across Europe.
    3. Tougher punishments for firms who employ illegal immigrants.
    4. Reduce the need for migration by redistributing global wealth.
    5. Cut immigration to fewer than 100,000 people a year.
    1. Ban immigrants from receiving free healthcare on the NHS.
    2. Increase public spending to make sure everyone can see a GP within 48 hours.
    3. Boost NHS competition by involving private companies to improve the service for everyone.
    4. Return privatised NHS services to public control.
  1. 13.
    1. Yes, radical cuts to the size of the state are required.
    2. No, the current levels are about right.
    3. No, we need to increase the number of public sector workers.
    1. Start fracking for shale gas.
    2. Build new nuclear power stations.
    3. Increase subsidies to windfarms.
    4. Switch entirely to renewable energy as soon as possible
  2. 16.
    1. Yes, if it boosts British businesses.
    2. No, the current arrangement is fine.
    3. No, it should be harder to fire people.
    1. Cut business regulation.
    2. Cut taxes for the low paid.
    3. Nationalise key industries.
    4. Legislate for higher wages.
    5. Governments should stop interfering in the economy.
    1. Yes, all businesses should pay more to minimum wage staff.
    2. No, increasing the minimum wage could stop businesses taking on staff.
    1. Reduce tuition fees to £6,000 a year.
    2. Cap tuition fees at £9,000 a year for the foreseeable future.
    3. Lift the cap on tuition fees to provide universities with the funds to invest in facilities.
    4. Scrap tuition fees, funded by reducing the number of university places.
    5. Abolish tuition fees and give students grants to cover living costs.

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