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We Asked 18 People To Write Down What They Think About Politicians And It Wasn't Pretty

It's fair to say they weren't massive fans of the existing system.

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We asked the people of Accrington to write down their thoughts about British politics and politicians.

The residents of Accrington, Lancashire are in the marginal constituency of Hyndburn – the sort of place that determines who wins general elections.

Currently held by Labour, it's 56th on the Conservatives' target list for the 2015 general election. This means it's one of the constituencies that the Tories need to gain if they want to have a majority of seats in the House of Commons, say goodbye to the Lib Dems and govern without a coalition partner.

But the residents of Hyndburn are falling out of the habit of voting: turnout in the constituency fell from 84 per cent of eligible voters in 1992 to 63 per cent in 2010.

BuzzFeed asked a random selection of people to write down what they think about politics and politicians, in an attempt to find out why they're giving up on the existing system. It wasn't pretty.

(In three cases we were asked to write out their message for them. These are in quotation marks.)