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    6 Pictures Of Liz Kendall Preparing For War

    Let's just check in and see what the anti-Corbyn wing of the Labour parliamentary party is doing, shall we?

    1. Here's a picture of Liz Kendall, Labour MP and former leadership candidate, doing perfectly normal military training with a few anti-Corbyn Labour MPs.

    Liz Kendall

    There's not much going on here, aside from the fact the keeper of the Blairite flame is wearing military uniform while flanked by her fellow anti-Corbyn Labour MP ultras Toby Perkins and Graham Jones.

    2. There's absolutely nothing unusual about the potential figurehead of an anti-Corbyn Labour insurgency choosing to spend her time learning to shoot an AK74.

    Liz Kendall

    Officially she's on a scheme run by the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme, in which MPs get to experience the army and learn about military life. But she would say that, wouldn't she?

    3. With that in mind Jeremy Corbyn should absolutely definitely not be concerned by Kendall practising with a rifle.

    Liz Kendall

    Those targets do not look at all like anyone recognisable and there is no truth someone scribbled a beard on one of them.

    4. And there is absolutely no truth to rumours Liz Kendall had just ordered a tank division to head towards Islington North.

    Liz Kendall

    Further reports that she was seen carving "this one's for Momentum" onto a bullet have also been disproved.

    5. In short, it's completely understandable that Kendall and Perkins would check out the large scale military hardware available to the British establishment.

    Toby Perkins

    There is no reason for anyone to be concerned about her being fully trained in skills that would be highly useful in the event of a coup.

    6. And there is no way that Liz Kendall's decision to pose on the front of a tank which is absolutely-definitely-not aimed at Jeremy Corbyn's office could be considered a threatening act in any way, shape, or form.

    Liz Kendall

    Because that would be silly.

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