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UKIP Uses Metronomy Artwork To Promote Conference

On one side, the fast-growing right-wing political party. On the other, the critically acclaimed electro-pop band.

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UKIP is promoting its spring political conference with this advert on its website.

UKIP / Via

Which is both a pleasant piece of graphic design and a play on Torquay's reputation as part of the English Riviera.

But it's also the artwork for electropop band Metronomy's 2011 album The English Riviera.

Metronomy / Because Music

Metronomy's artwork is based on an original tourist board poster by the artist Peter Travis, and the album cover is the top result on Google Images for "the English Riviera".

The band's management told BuzzFeed that they had not given permission for any artwork to be used by UKIP and that the copyright of the original design remains with the local tourist board.

In fact, if you crop Metronomy's album artwork and expand one side then you can easily create your own UKIP conference poster.

Metronomy / Because Music / Jim Waterson / BuzzFeed

All part of Nigel Farage's push into the mainstream.