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Sol Campbell Really Hates Ed Miliband And Wants You To Know It

The former England player is fed up with the mansion tax, the gold sell-off, everything.

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Meet Sol Campbell, former England footballer and man who hates Ed Miliband.

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The Conservative supporter got angry as hell while watching Ed Miliband on Thursday night's Question Time debate.

Campbell, who has been out campaigning for David Cameron's Conservatives during the election, took to Twitter to vent his frustration.

Here are his increasingly irate attacks on Miliband:

Attack #1: Ed Miliband's party sold the gold!

Attack #2: Ed is all over the place!

Ed is all over the place you cannot be serious!

Attack #3: Scotland is coming!

Labour will do a deal with SNP make no mistake! Scotland will rule the UK!

Attack #4: Ed is worthless!

Wake up Britain this man is not fit for purpose!

Attack #5: Ed Miliband is basically Castro.

The Labour Party are the Modern day communism party! Maybe in Cuba not here! #bbcqt #justnotuptoit

Attack #6: Ed Miliband will trip over a lot if he becomes prime minister.

Watch that fall that's what will happen to Britain if Ed gets in at No 10! #bbcqt #justnotuptoit

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