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    This Is What All Cigarette Packets Could Soon Look Like

    No logos, just a brand name and standardised colours.

    All cigarette packets are set to be the same colour and have no logos after the government decided to press ahead with plans to introduce so-called "plain packaging".


    All brand colours and logos will vanish from cigarettes packets under the plans. Instead they will be in a standardised drab colour and have just two lines of text describing the brand.

    Packets are also likely to be covered in more health warnings, according to these mock-up images from anti-smoking charity ASH.

    Supporters of plain packaging claim it will stop children taking up the habit. Tobacco companies insist it will have little effect on the number of smokers and instead make it easier for tobacco smuggling to take place.

    The proposed legislation states packets will have to be "drab brown with a matt finish" and all text will have to be in the Helvetica font.


    Plans to introduce plain-packaging were dropped by the government two years ago but follow sustained pressure they have now been revived. The rules could now become law before the 2015 general election and be implemented soon afterwords.

    Separate legislation passed by the European Union will ban the sale of ten packs, menthol cigarettes and lipstick-style cigarette packs from 2016.

    In addition it will soon become illegal to smoke in cars where children are present and from next year all shops will have to remove cigarettes from display and sell them from under the counter.

    Meanwhile the British Medical Association, which represents all doctors, this week voted in favour of a plan that would ban anyone born after 2000 from ever being allowed to buy cigarettes.

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