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An Anti-Migrant Poster Was Put Up In Parliament

The crude image was left in a kitchen used by a dozen MPs and their researchers.

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A poster mocking the age of child refugees has been posted in parliament, prompting a Labour MP to complain the "dehumanisation" of migrants has now spread to the Palace of Westminster.

Labour MP Chi Onwurah shared the picture after it was taped above the sink in the communal kitchen near her parliamentary office.

The MP for Newcastle Central said the poster appeared over the weekend following press coverage which questioned the ages of child refugees allowed into Britain from France.

Onwurah said she was concerned about the "dehumanisation" caused by "saying they’re [refugees] all cheats", and said she believed such language was increasingly common following the EU referendum.

“Parliament should be a safe working environment for everyone," she told BuzzFeed News.

"I’ve just come from a summit in Newcastle on safety and security with different communities and hate crime is increasing. Partly it’s the legitimisation of xenophobic discourse, making it legitimate to say things that you wouldn’t have done pre-Brexit."

She insisted she had no idea who put up the poster and had never heard such language in person: "I share a corridor with a dozen other MPs and their staff but anyone with a full parliamentary pass has access there."

“Legitimising and supporting this kind of language makes life harder for vulnerable people and refugees," she added.

"It shouldn’t be anywhere and it certainly shouldn’t be in parliament.”

Jim Waterson is a politics editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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