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23 Typically Yorkshire Responses To The Floods

The water has come but the county is battling on.

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1. This taxi worker making sure his colleague still has a cup of tea as they pump out their office.

Justin Tallis / AFP / Getty Images

2. This pub ensuring it is prepared for the floods.

We are open from 12 & well prepared for the floods... #Yorkpubs #Yorkfloods

3. These Yorkshiremen refusing to give up their pint.

Instagram: @lukemdrake

4. This person popping to the shops.

Instagram: @mediaskunkworks

5. This woman cleaning the inside of Plonkers wine bar – and ignoring the water outside.

Justin Tallis / AFP / Getty Images

6. This addition to a Star Wars advert.

Instagram: @megan_rebeccaaaa

7. This person hearing their boss still wants them in at work.

Instagram: @lnelsonxx

8. The emergency services who ferried a midwife to a Selby home to ensure a baby was born safely.

Midwife being ferried to newborn baby by #Selby boat crews in #ozendyke congratulations to the family from all at #NYFRS

9. These people sitting tight in their flats and having a natter out of the window.

Jim Waterson / BuzzFeed

10. These volunteers coming into Hebden Bridge to help with the clean-up.

No power for three days at home and Hebden Bridge devastated by the flood. Makeshift free bar rewarding volunteers.

11. These Yorkshire cricket clubs getting together to help teams who have been flooded out.

Emergency fund set-up for Cricket Clubs' affected by #BoxingDay #Floods - spread the word!

12. This mountain rescue team having a cup of tea in the garden before carrying people out of their houses.

#yorkfloods @BBCNews Well earned cuppa for our mountain rescue team, before they carry us to dry land. Thank you.

13. This football club giving its spare food to the homeless.

Due to today's postponement, all food which couldn't be reused has been donated to the @HgateHomeless Project.

14. These people in York who really wanted a pint and weren't going to wait for the water to subside.

Paul Ellis / AFP / Getty Images

15. The Yorkshire mosques who organised volunteers to help with the clean-up.

Local mosque volunteers helping clean up at Riverside school Hebden Bridge. Thanks to you all. Community spirit.

16. This Tadcaster shop which called on people to keep smiling – "Remember your British and maybe from Yorkshire".

Owen Humphreys / PA WIRE

17. This couple who pushed ahead with their wedding in Selby despite the floodwater nearby – but took their Wellington boots just in case.

Dave Higgens / PA Wire/PA Images

18. This impromptu furniture sale.

Steve Parsons / PA WIRE

19. This statement of the obvious.

Instagram: @geritrower

20. This York pub telling people to stay quiet and keep drinking.

Instagram: @ktairy

21. These Leeds men knowing how to get around town.

3 guys just floating down Kirkstall road in a inflatable swimming pool... things you see

22. This person offering to cheer people up.

Instagram: @bdtracbanc

23. And this message of defiance.

Lnp / LNP/REX/Shutterstock

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