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The Lib Dems Bragged On Wednesday That They Would Be The "Surprise Story" Of Election Night

It's probably not the surprise that they imagined.

The Liberal Democrats issued a press release to journalists on Wednesday evening, proclaiming that the "surprise story tomorrow night will the Liberal Democrats".

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Before the election the opinion of many political pundits was that the Lib Dems, whose headline poll rating had tanked, would nevertheless hold around half their 57 seats and play a key role in any post-election coalition.

This was clearly a view shared by Lib Dem headquarters, which has been shattered by a string of lost deposits and massive defeats of major party figures such as business secretary Vince Cable.

As a result the party is indeed one of the surprises of election night, but not in the way the press release predicted.

Nick Clegg said on Wednesday night: "They have been wrong about us before and they are wrong about us now."

"We will win against Labour," he said. "We will win against the Conservatives. And we will win against the SNP."

Read the retrospectively hubristic press release in full below:

Lib Dem

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