21 Pictures Of Politicians In Hard Hats Pointing At Things

It's election time, so watch out if you work on a building site. They point here, they point there.

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2. It started without anyone realising it. But now everywhere you go politicians are donning hi-vis jackets and stretching out their arms.

8. Some politicians, such as Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy, prefer to use a trowel to assist them in their hard-hat pointing.

10. Sometimes, as George Osborne shows, it's easier to let other people do the pointing on your behalf, bestowing a certain regal calm on the situation.

18. Occasionally David Cameron wears a hard hat and points to distract those around him from their impending death at the hands of a fast-approaching container ship.

21. Because he's definitely the UK political champion at standing on building sites wearing a hard hat and pointing at things.

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