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21 Pictures Of Politicians In Hard Hats Pointing At Things

It's election time, so watch out if you work on a building site. They point here, they point there.

1. All across the country there are a lot of politicians wearing hard hats and pointing at things.

2. It started without anyone realising it. But now everywhere you go politicians are donning hi-vis jackets and stretching out their arms.

3. The exact source of this phenomenon is unclear, but the action is becoming reflexive for our political class.

4. In fact, once a politician starts pointing they find themselves unable to stop.

5. Some politicians are better at it than others. Nick Clegg's hard-hat pointing action requires some work.

6. SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon adopts a more refined stretch of the arm.

7. Ed Miliband's pointing skills also need a bit of work, although he is improving.

8. Some politicians, such as Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy, prefer to use a trowel to assist them in their hard-hat pointing.

9. Politicians are also increasingly refining the technique. Some do a subtle point, with just their fingers.

10. Sometimes, as George Osborne shows, it's easier to let other people do the pointing on your behalf, bestowing a certain regal calm on the situation.

11. You can point to the right.

12. Or point to the left.

13. Or point your hands in the air like you just don't care.

14. But no matter your style, just keeping pointing.

15. And pointing.

16. Occassionally politicians take off their hard hats, square off, and start pointing at each other.

17. Others attempt to hide the hard hats altogether. George Osborne hopes you don't mention his baseball cap.

18. Occasionally David Cameron wears a hard hat and points to distract those around him from their impending death at the hands of a fast-approaching container ship.

19. Or likes to pretend he's working part time as a traffic policeman at a busy junction.

20. But no matter where he is or what he's pointing at, Cameron is always ready to don a hard hat and do his political duty.

21. Because he's definitely the UK political champion at standing on building sites wearing a hard hat and pointing at things.