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The 53 Greatest Moments From "The Day Today"

Everything that happened in the 1994 spoof TV show has since come to pass. PETER, YOU'VE LOST THE NEWS!

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38. In fact, the political coverage was as incisive as it gets.


"It's been revealed that the junior treasury minister Michael Portillo carries a sawn-off shotgun to constituency meetings, corners children in parks and chews their cheeks, and has frequent sexual intercourse with stray animals, claiming 'As long as it's got a backbone, I'll do it'."

"That story we reported last week, and have since discovered it to be untrue."

And here are the top 10 best moments in The Day Today...

4. Peter O'Hanraha-hanrahan scored an exclusive interview with German finance minister.

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"You spoke to him about the technicalities of the deal in German?"


"So what's the German for 30 percent?"

"Trenter percenter."

"What about that quote you attributed to him, "I don't like it but I'll have to go along with it". In German, how did he say it?"

"Ich nichten lichten..."

"Presumably you mean 'Ruffen Sie ein taxi bitte; Ich bin spät für ein flug'?"


"No you don't, Peter, because that means "Get me a taxi; I'm late for my plane". Now I'm going to ask you a question - did you speak to the German finance minister about the new deal this afternoon?"


3. Ted Maul was trackside as feral commuters took over a train stuck in Hampshire for two days.

"In a rare lull - perhaps the commuters were sleeping or praying to some new god - one of them left the train."

"Hang on a second, they've only just swallowed their sanctions and now they're just burping them back in up in your face."

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