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    Nigel Farage Was Knighted By A Small Child On Russia Today

    "My mummy says you hate foreigners."

    Nigel Farage has appeared on the Kremlin-backed news channel Russia Today, where he was knighted by a small child. Because why not?

    The former UKIP leader has spent much of the last week in a bitter dispute with Douglas Carswell, the party's only MP.

    The two men fell out years ago for reasons lost in the depths of time, but Farage is said to be particularly angry that Carswell has not done enough to secure him either a peerage or a knighthood – meaning he can never be "Sir Nigel Farage".

    With that in mind RT's UK show News Thing arranged for Farage to be knighted by a small child dressed as Queen Elizabeth.

    Arise Sir Nige! @Nigel_Farage finally gets what he wants & is knighted on @NewsThingRT 👑

    After all, this is politics in 2017 and such an event is barely notable.

    "You are now 'Sir' Nigel Farage," proclaimed host Sam Delaney before listing other positions Farage has failed to secure. "We're also making you honorary British ambassador to America, and honorary MP for South Thanet because they didn't elect you for real."

    Having "knighted" Farage, the young Queen then had the last word: "My mummy says you hate foreigners."


    "Does she? I don't think that's quite right!" replied Farage, who is a regular guest on the station and seemed completely at ease with what was happening.

    People had strong views.

    Don't believe FAKE NEWS like the BBC or NPR. Arise Sir Nigel!

    Please tell me "knighted" is British slang for "whacked in the face with a plastic sword"

    While there was hope that the US president would soon appear on the programme.

    Trump is taking notes.

    Previous guests on RT's News Thing, which goes out late on Saturday night, include current UKIP leader Paul Nuttall, who wore this helmet and was welcomed on to the show by Ragga MC.

    The show also convinced former London mayor Ken Livingstone to sing Phil Collins' "Easy Lover".

    Although RT has been repeatedly accused of being a propaganda front for the Kremlin's interests in the West, it is unclear how this show fits into that pattern.