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    UKIP's Anti-Immigration Poster Features An Immigrant

    David O'Rourke appears as an unemployed British builder on a poster for the anti-immigration party. He's also appeared in a Brendan Gleeson film.

    The face of UKIP's anti-immigration European election campaign posters is an Irish actor who emigrated to the UK ten years ago, party officials confirmed on Friday.

    David O'Rourke, originally from Dublin but now resident in Edinburgh, appears as unemployed builder under the banner "British workers are hit hard by unlimited cheap labour" in the party's campaign material. The poster is part of a £1.5 million nationwide billboard campaign.

    In a casting profile O'Rourke says he has been living in the UK for a decade and is a full-time professional actor: "I'm hard working and fully committed to a role and my character to give the best performance I can deliver."

    O'Rourke has an IMDB page and previously appeared in Saltwater, a 2000 Irish film starring Brendan Gleeson as well as recent adverts for National Trust Scotland.

    A spokesman for UKIP said the decision to use actors in political posters was standard practice. The party wants to introduce a work permit scheme for high skilled workers in a bid to cut current immigration levels from above 200,000 people a year to below 50,000.

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