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Foreign Office Insists It Is "Not Aware" Of Any Nicola Sturgeon Memo

So where did it come from?

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The foreign office has insisted it is not the source of a leaked diplomatic memo suggesting SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon secretly wants David Cameron to remain as prime minister.

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On Friday night the Daily Telegraph was leaked a lengthy official UK government memo on a meeting between Scotland first minister and the French ambassador, which contains the line "[Sturgeon] confessed that she’d rather see David Cameron remain as PM".

The UK government is kept informed of foreign ambassadors' meetings with leaders of devolved assemblies as a matter of diplomatic courtesy.

But the foreign and commonwealth office, which is responsible for the UK's diplomatic service, has fiercely denied having any knowledge of the memo's existence or being the source of the leak.

"We are not aware of any document," a spokesperson for the foreign office told BuzzFeed News when asked about the memo.

Although the document may not have originated in the foreign office this does not mean it is fake or inaccurate. Instead, it suggests that it may have been leaked from another department of the UK government.

Sturgeon and the French ambassador insist the leaked memo is not an accurate reflection of what was said at their meeting.

.@simon_telegraph your story is categorically, 100%, untrue...which I'd have told you if you'd asked me at any point today

From French Embassy press office re. Telegraph splash:

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