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George Galloway Has Got Into A Massive Twitter Argument With A Small Brewery

The Respect politician would like you to know he is still a thing.

George Galloway has got into a massive Twitter argument with a pub and brewery business. It started with this tweet from @BradfordBrewery.

Which got quite a response from the politician:

@BradfordBrewery what does that mean? And should you as a licensed premises in my constituency really be writing that?

Bradford Brewery, which lies in Galloway's constituency, asked if he was going to pop along and celebrate their opening.

@georgegalloway you're the only candidate not to come and say hi. Was just wondering.

They then pointed out that, since parliament has been dissolved, there are now no MPs and Galloway is just a candidate.

@georgegalloway you're a candidate. It's not your constituency.

Galloway responded by telling the brewery that they have been "most unwise".

@BradfordBrewery well then, I shall return to this matter after the election. You have been most unwise

Galloway then said "you'll be hearing from me".

@BradfordBrewery I will but not to say hi. You'll be hearing from me

The politician, who is teetotal, then complains about "drunkards" in response to a supporter of the brewery.

@RobSteiner82 @BradfordBrewery Nah. I'm staying. Drink up drunkards

The brewery didn't take kindly to this.

Good old @georgegalloway resorting to petty threats

But Galloway insisted he was serious.

@BradfordBrewery nothing petty and no threat. Just a promise

The brewery called him an idiot, Galloway said they were "being very unwise".

@BradfordBrewery you're being very unwise here sir

Galloway then retweeted this message suggesting the brewery should be shut down.


They offered an olive branch.

@georgegalloway pop round and say hi George! Come for a coffee

But Galloway instead said he had received constant complaints about the venue, which opened earlier this year.

@BradfordBrewery no. Your premises are a constant source of complaints to me. I will be in touch about those in due course

At which point it's fair to say the relationship slightly broke down.

@georgegalloway shit up you first class idiot!

And Galloway started including the police in their messages.

@BradfordBrewery A License holder writes @WestYorksPolice

Which the brewery didn't really like.

So @georgegalloway has reported us to @WestYorksPolice

Then the brewery was blocked by Galloway.

Bradford Brewery's Matt Halliday told BuzzFeed News he sent the tweet because Galloway was the only Bradford West candidate who hadn't visited his business.

Halliday explained: "I just went out to get a pint of milk while a bit hungover, walked past his office, and remembered he was the only candidate who hadn't been in and introduced himself. Then I sent the cheeky tweet."

Despite Galloway's claims, Halliday insisted that he has not heard of any complaints about his pub and brewery business, which only opened six weeks ago.

"We are unaware of any complaints and the local authority were excited about us opening. I'm looking forward to talking to the licensing authorities and the police about these complaints."

Halliday said the reaction has driven business to his pub this afternoon:

"Everyone's been in, the Tory candidate came in today because they saw it on Twitter and they tried to do some campaigning. Then we went into a pub around the corner and everyone had their iPhones out and was glued to Twitter watching the back-and-forth."

"In Bradford there's a running joke of the hashtag #blockedbygalloway. If he loses an argument on Twitter he blocks you, so half of Bradford has been blocked by him. People have been coming in to the pub and saying 'if you're not blocked by Galloway, you're not in the inner circle'. We're now in the inner circle!"

He also said it could affect Galloway's re-election chances: "If you look at the tweets it's 99.9% positive. I think that he should be careful."

At least one thing is clear.

So apparently Galloway is still a thing. That's nice.

BuzzFeed News has contacted George Galloway with a request for comment.

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