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Posters Celebrating Immigrants Are Going To Appear Across The Country

The campaign has already raised £36,000 to put pro-immigration posters at railway stations and on the London Underground.

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Campaigners have raised £36,000 for a poster campaign celebrating the contribution of immigrants to the UK.


The campaign is organised by the Movement Against Xenophobia, which started the fundraising in response to what it sees as the "the increased anti-immigration rhetoric" in UK politics as the general election approaches.

Instead, it wants to put a positive spin on immigration and has already raised the majority of funds required to launch a nationwide campaign to promote the contribution of immigrants to UK society.

The posters, which the organisation hopes to run in the weeks leading up to the general election, include pictures and jobs of immigrants who live in Britain.

We wanted to counter the negative rhetoric that's been used across all media platforms and irresponsible media outlets and irresponsible politicians. We wanted to make it clear that migrants should be celebrated.The response has been phenomenal. It is reaching beyond the usual anti-racism campaigns, people who haven't been involved before. People are saying 'finally someone is portraying migrants in a positive light'.
The slot that we have booked in with the ad agencies is the three weeks running up to the election. It's a non-party-political specific campaign. We are against anyone who speaks about immigrants in a negative light. Whoever wins after the election there will be a lot of anti-immigrant talk.More recently the heat has been turned up on this topic and there's been political point-scoring. People have been trying to out-do each other. But this campaign has got the support of people from across the political spectrum. The more money we can raise, the more [posters] we can print and distribute, plus run the online campaign.

The posters will include immigrants from a wide variety of backgrounds and will be photographed by a fashion photographer, according to the campaign's crowdfunding site:

We will begin by selecting only fifteen migrants, including a few celebrities, from different occupations and all walks of life, such as health service professionals, teachers, cleaners, tube/bus drivers, business entrepreneurs, journalists, lawyers, etc. to be photographed by Vogue photographer Philip Volkers.

The message will be simple and the poster will consist of a photo of the individual with name and occupation, it will be titled 'I am an Immigrant' and will have a simple line outlining their contribution to British society such as "I am a brain surgeon and I have saved 6,000 lives". Research demonstrates that visual depiction is extremely powerful.

The posters will start appearing in April, providing the campaign can raise the final money in the coming days.

The campaign aims to have its posters appear on 300 sites on the London Underground and 550 sites across the rest of the UK.

The entire project is funded through the crowdfunding site and is currently just £8,000 short of its target.

Jim Waterson is a politics editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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