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    "House Of Cards" Series 4 Is Out Now On Netflix

    There goes the weekend.

    Netflix released all thirteen episodes of the new series of House of Cards on Friday.

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    Series four of the show sees Kevin Spacey continue as President Frank Underwood, along with a lot of other characters who will inevitably blend into one as you vainly attempt to watch thirteen hours of television back-to-back.

    Fans of TV shows featuring sex, violence, money, politics, and the President of the United States are now working out whether they can get out of school to watch the new series.

    I'm torn between binge watching House of cards and writing two papers due next week😐.

    Skipping school to binge the new season of House Of Cards is an excused absence right?

    School needs to happen and be over with already so I can binge watch @HouseofCards

    Others just want to finish work now.

    Work is the only thing standing between me and a weekend of @HouseofCards binging

    Can't wait to finish work and watch house of cards.

    If you are going to binge watch @HouseofCards start initiating your fake illness excuses now. Say you feel 'a bit off', walk gingerly etc

    Some people are dreading spoilers

    House of Cards series 4 spoilers are an instablock 👊🏽

    And some people are trying to get their mother-in-law out of the way so they can watch.

    Basic trolling to send this at 11am on a work day when your evening involves cooking for your mother-in-law

    But don't forget to prepare for the inevitable comedown.

    After work today, I will be watching #HouseOfCards for the next 13 hours and on late Saturday I will be depressed.

    Happy watching.