19 Pictures Of Tony Benn As A Young Man

The legendary Labour politician has died, aged 88. This is what he did in his prime.

1. Labour politician Tony Benn has died aged 88.

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2. These were the celebrations when he was first elected to parliament in the 1950 Bristol South East by-election.

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3. Benn at the House of Commons his wife Caroline after christening their son Stephen in 1951.

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4. Benn plays with his family in 1955.

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5. The child on the left is Hilary, the future Labour MP and cabinet minister.

Alex Dellow/Picture Post /Hulton Archive / Getty

6. Wearing jeans and a jumper while on his home phone in 1960.

REX USA/Evening News / Rex

7. Benn waves goodbye to Caroline and son Joshua as he heads off to work in 1961.

Edward Miller/Keystone / Getty Images

8. Benn is greeted outside parliament by a crowd after being re-elected in 1961.

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Benn was the son of a hereditary Labour peer. When his father died in November 1960 he inherited the title of Viscount Stansgate, which meant he could not sit in the House of Commons as an MP. But Benn decided to stand anyway.

9. Accompanied by his family, Benn told the crowd that he would fight to stay in the House of Commons.

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10. Benn lights his pipe at the 1962 Labour conference, having been removed from his House of Commons seat by an electoral court.

Edward Miller/Keystone/Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Benn successfully lobbied the Conservative government to change the law so hereditary peers could renounce their titles.

11. Celebrating outside the House of Commons with Caroline after officially renouncing his peerage in August 1963.

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12. Sharing a joke with a policeman after returning to the House of Commons in 1963.

Central Press / Getty Images

13. Thumbs up after being appointed Postmaster-General in 1964.

Moore/Fox Photos/Hulton Archive / Getty Images

14. Benn helps deal with the Christmas postal backlog at Mount Pleasant sorting office in 1964.

Bentley Archive/Popperfoto / Getty

15. Opening the Stanley Gibbons stamp exhibition in 1965.

Fox Photos / Getty Images

16. Benn tries out a luxury ‘Trimphone’ at Hampstead Town Hall in 1965.

Keystone / Getty

“It has an illuminated dial and the handset rests along the length of the base instead of across it.”

17. Trying out a diving bell at a technology exhibition in 1969.

Keystone//Hulton Archive / Getty Images

18. Benn addresses the 1970 Labour conference.

PA/PA Archive/Press Association Images

19. Tony Benn: 1925-2014

Fox Photos/Hulton Archive / Getty Images / 1957

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