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21 Pictures Of Politicians In Wellies Staring At Floods

There's not much that Britain's politicians can do about the floods. That isn't stopping them having a look.

1. Britain is in crisis as floods spread across the nation, bringing the lesser-spotted "Politician In Wellington Boots" out of hibernation.

2. David Cameron pulled on his boots in Somerset.

3. But there's very little that a politician can do about a lot of water spreading across the country.

4. So they just keep staring.

5. And then pop up somewhere else to stare more.

6. UKIP's Nigel Farage turned out to survey the scene in Surrey. Is he going to dive in?

7. Yes he is!


9. And he doesn't do half-measures. This man is wearing waders.

10. This way he can sympathise with items lost in the floods.

11. Poor lawnmower.

12. Defence secretary Philip Hammond went for the "purposeful stride" look in Wraysbury, on the outskirts of London.

13. And looked quite small next to a fire truck.

14. Nick Clegg has nailed the "politician pointing at floods" look.


16. And can take on anyone in his jeans / fleece / wellies combo.

17. But the ultimate "looking at floods" stare in British politics belongs to Labour leader Ed Miliband.

18. Admittedly, sometimes the system breaks and two politicians from rival parties end up staring at floods together.

19. Sometimes Miliband's stare looks a bit shifty.

20. Sometimes he just looks damp.

21. But ultimately Ed Miliband is the British political champion when it comes to staring at floods.