25 People Who Are Really Confused As To Why Grant Shapps Follows Them On Twitter

The chairman of the Conservative party has a habit of following and then unfollowing people on Twitter. This baffles them.

Cabinet minister Grant Shapps is responsible for the Conservatives’ election campaign. As well as maintaining some odd Twitter habits.

Shapps has a tendency to follow hundreds of Twitter users in a short period of time, apparently in the hope that they follow him back. But don’t get comfortable - you could find yourself unfollowed by Shapps at short notice. Only to be followed again. And then possibly unfollowed once more.

The practice has been going on since at least 2010. In the process he’s hit almost 75,000 followers – putting him up there with the leaders of the UK’s political parties.

It’s also resulted in a lot of confused people:


I'm being followed by a member of the British parliament, @grantshapps. Is it because I like the Prime Minister show on @cspan?

— Marty Duren (@martyduren)

Why on earth did Grant Shapps follow me for about a week then disappear? #StalkedByMP

— Mark Gullick (@MarkGullick2)

Errrm, Why does @grantshapps follow me? I mean, hiya and all, but being a creepy Lib Dem I must be scaring the hell out of him.

— Caviar (@Kav_Kaushik)

I've now been followed by @grantshapps for the 3rd time. Is this is a record? :-/

— jacky... (@01jacky01)

My @LadyWireless account is now being followed by @GrantShapps. I have no plans to insult him over there. What's going on, people?

— Louis Barfe (@LFBarfe)

I have just been "followed" by @GrantShapps. Part of me is pleased to have an MP following me, Suspicious part just wonders why?

— andy jolley (@ajjolley)

I'm being followed now by @grantshapps, Tory housing minster in the government. This should be fun!

— Socks & Aprons (@cognoscentinovo)

great day, passed driving test, good amount of decorating, top boy has a new job and being followed by @grantshapps Conservative MP #sweeeet

— tom (@tomffc)

On Twitter @grantshapps has followed and unfollowed me 3 times. I assume he does this to everyone. Maybe he's lonely. #bbcqt

— JYD (@johnyarddog)

@grantshapps curious to know, as I'm not a constituent of yours, why would you follow me? #charmed

— Jonny Love Train (@JLovetrain)

randomly followed by @grantshapps at a time when I'm struggling with this politics essay- think its a sign to ask for help #helpme

— Tara (@Tarakefayatii)

.@grantshapps followed me, unfollowed me, and is now following me again. If you want me to write you some gags, just ask. No need to be coy.

— Kabarett Spielraum (@spielraum)

@grantshapps thanks for the follow - is there a common interest we share ?

— Tracey Scarsbrook (@Scarsbrook_T)

@grantshapps With respect, I don't want your follow as your party is democratic cancer, it's MPs tumours. Thanks but no thanks! #Blocked

— Chris Marshall (@ThatNoxy)

Thanks for the follow @grantshapps! Not sure why your interested in me but this is what is interesting me right now http://t.co/QPZsRwdE0I

— Sam Wrigley (@TheSpinStorm)

I wonder whether algorithm, staffer, or a bit of both just gave me a follow from @grantshapps. Blocked.

— Calum Slater (@Tom_Weir)

Oddly, @grantshapps used to repeatedly follow me then unfollow a few days later. This went on for about 6 months and then abruptly stopped.

— Dave (@davesusetty)

@KateVotesLabour he was one of the first to follow me. I think at one point my followers were @sjhutchinson and @grantshapps. It was weird.

— Jim O'Connell (@JimOC_L)

Oh god, @grantshapps is following me again. I thought he'd given up on this auto follow nonsense?

— James Graham (@jamesgraham)

http://twitter.com/grantshapps has decicided to follow me again , I wonder why, he wouldn't respond last time he followed me ????????

— pleb-nobby-Lobby (@veniviedivici)

"Grant Shapps MP (@grantshapps) is now following you on Twitter!" That moment of terror that comes to us all, however big or small.

— Clifford Singer (@cliffordsinger)

I keep getting followed, then unfollowed, then followed, then unfollowed by Grant Shapps MP. I think he's flirting with me.

— Jamie (@jtlovell1979)

You too can follow Grant Shapps on Twitter.

We can’t guarantee he’ll follow back.

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