Nigel Farage Presents Spoof UKIP Weather Report

The UKIP leader hit back after one of his party’s councillors blamed recent storms on same-sex marriage legislation.

1. Remember when a UKIP councillor blamed the storms on the decision to allow equal marriage? Well, Nigel Farage has hit back with his own weather forecast.

Farage took to the BBC’s Sunday Politics to highlight the odd habits of politicians in other parties.

2. First, he warned about a “storm in a teacup” over a UKIP’s councillor’s comments.


3. And pointed out that there are strange members in every party, such as the Labour councillor who thinks he’s fathered an alien.

4. And Conservative MP Aiden Burley, who organised a Nazi-themed stag weekend in the Alps.

5. Farage warned people to avoid light aircraft following his 2010 crash.

6. And promised that a UKIP victory will bring “a sprinkling of real ale”, “outbreaks of common sense” and “absolutely no chance of cyclonic fruitcakes”.

7. Watch the full clip here:

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Jim Waterson is a politics editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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