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Myleene Klass Complains About Being Chatted Up By A Member Of Parliament

The musician was not a fan of the lovestruck politician.

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Musician Myleene Klass uploaded this picture of an MP's business card after she had to deal with their unwanted advances on a flight.

This appears to be an official embossed House of Commons business card. Unfortunately, Myleene has chosen to block out the MP's name, phone number and email address with her finger.

Sitting on a plane eating scones and getting chatted up by an MP *locates parachute, pulls emergency lever*

We don't know which member of parliament thought they had a chance with the singer, pianist and broadcaster.

“@Martino26332304: @KlassMyleene Shows politicians can get it right sometimes : )” Lols

Myleene Klass@KlassMyleene

“@Martino26332304: @KlassMyleene Shows politicians can get it right sometimes : )” Lols

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Although we doubt it's this one.