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    Milton Keynes' "Winter Wonderland" Cancelled After Ruining Christmas

    Possibly the most disastrous event of the festive season.

    Christmas is the most magical time of the year. Unless you visited Milton Keynes' Winter Wonderland event on Saturday.

    The event opened yesterday, with this fun-filled poster promising a fortnight of Christmas magic for the people of Milton Keynes.

    But instead it was cancelled after just one day.

    It seems that Santa couldn't keep his beard on, the ice skating wasn't for kids and the huskies weren't very happy.

    Meeting Father Christmas cost £6 per child. Photos were extra.

    WTF kind of Santa is this at Winter Wonderland in Milton Keynes? #mkwinterwonderland #MK #Santa #WonderLand

    Nic Borman


    WTF kind of Santa is this at Winter Wonderland in Milton Keynes? #mkwinterwonderland #MK #Santa #WonderLand

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    While we were in the Winter Wonderland, Santa briefly appeared from the grotto. Unfortunately, his beard was falling down and you could see his normal clothes underneath his costume.... To add insult to injury a discussion between the elves and a friend of the security team took place directly infront of us and our children about this friend putting on a santa outfit to help out – as it appeared they were also short of a Santa or two.

    Children were given bags of crayons and colouring pencils when they went to see Santa.

    Copyright Jessica Cobb

    The parent who took this photo explained that her three-year-old son wouldn't approach the man in the costume. He said: "I didn't like him mummy he wasn't the real Father Christmas."

    The ice rink didn't look up to much. (That's because it's made of plastic sheeting.)

    Copyright Jade Morgan White
    It was daughters 3rd birthday day out to see santa, ice skate (with support) and have a huskie ride. All what the website promised. Santa and skating we pre booked. As you have probably read there were 'technical issues' with santa and the dreadful ice skating. We would of had more fun on a frozen puddle. My daughter isnt spoilt or bratty, but she spent 3 hours after visiting 'winter wonderland' crying. Because we had promised she would see santa and she was heartbroken.

    While this ride was being pushed around by hand at one point.

    Catherine Childs

    We're not entirely sure why Father Christmas is hanging from the roof.

    There were two huskies and two reindeer at the Winter Wonderland event.

    Harriet Armes
    Alex An Laura Toomer
    My daughter trod in dog poo and was told by one of the events team it was actually reindeer poo.
    we were discusted with the H+S of the run away train. The poles which held it up had missing screws (which were laid next to it) and some poles were not even fixed at all!!!As the train went around the whole structure shook so much it could have collapsed at any time.

    On Sunday morning the organisers were in a rush to pack up.

    Harriet Armes

    Winter Wonderland MK was supposed to help raise money for a local disability charity.

    Cancelling it has also meant that Sunday's official welcoming ceremony has been cancelled.

    It was due to involve "cheerleaders, circus acts and sea cadets" parading through a local park, while local MP Iain Stewart and the town's deputy mayor looked on as a schoolgirl cut a "celebratory cake".

    In an admirably frank move, the website still lists the promised attractions - just with a line struck through them.

    Organiser Lorenzo Franco was not picking up his phone this afternoon. But he told the BBC that he was sorry for disappointed customers and is offering refunds.

    He also said it was his company's "first event" and the closure was for health and safety reasons due to staff shortages.

    We're looking forward to next year.

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