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16 Ways Manchester Made The Conservatives Feel At Home

When the Conservatives decided to hold their annual gathering in the city, Mancunians pulled out all the stops. Here's what they did.

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1. On the very first day of the conference Manchester provided 60,000 people to give Conservative activists a cheery welcome.

Jim Waterson / BuzzFeed News

2. They put up decorations.

“Tory” effigy is hanging from a bridge on the way into Manchester #TheNewPolitics - via @Chris_Furlong

3. A team of meet-and-greeters guided conference attendees into the venue.

4. And people spent days making banners to greet the Tories.

'Tories not welcome , go home' message to Tory conference attendees in #Manchester @Ruptly @RTUKnews

5. The people of Manchester even laid on some welcome music.

Piccadilly Gardens anti-austerity protesters say rave won’t stop until Tories leave city

6. Road signs were personalised to welcome the Conservatives.

Protestors at #cpc15 not missing a trick, then (the corresponding 'look left' sign untouched)

7. The people of Manchester offered free poetry lessons to conference attendees.

"Cameron, Theresa May, how many kids have you killed today?" #CPC15 protests

8. People even threw a selection of balls at the entrance in an attempt to create a children's play area for Conservatives.

Watch Manchester pelt Boris Johnson with multi-coloured balls (Video)...

9. Manchester went out of its way to make Conservative delegates feel safe and secure by providing three levels of fencing to keep the public from the conference centre.

Extra load of fencing being set up to keep protesters from the three other levels of fencing surrounding Tory conf.

10. Free laundry was provided outside the venue.

Jamie Ross / BuzzFeed News

11. Mancunians even did their best to ensure people attending the Conservative conference felt at home and blended into the general surroundings.

Policeman just suggested I take off my Tory conference pass. Even the police are now advising Tories to hide away for their own safety.

12. And left-wing journalists were treated the same as Conservatives, in the name of fairness and equality.

Just had "Tory scumbag" yelled at me as I walked into Tory conference. Novel! The look on their faces when I turned around 😐 #CPC15

13. Basic groceries were provided.

Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

14. They also offered free medical advice.

Oh bloody hell thanks for that. #TakeBackMCR

15. Some people even offered free hairstyling products.

Anarchists shout "Tory scum" at us as we enter Conservative conference, and I was spat at

16. And there was even some education advice for people on the way out.

Conservative members being harangued as they leave conference. "That's what you are, scum! Snobby little planks! Get back to Eton!"

"Welcome to Manchester"

Jim Waterson is a politics editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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