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    London Underground's Victoria Line Is Closed After Someone Poured Cement Into The Control Room

    Someone is having a very bad day at work.

    London Underground's Victoria Line was suspended between Warren Street and Brixton shortly after 1pm this afternoon due to "flooding".

    There's no service btwn Warren Street and Brixton while we fix damage caused by flooding at Victoria. Minor delays on the rest of the line.

    So far, so deadly dull. Until UsVsTh3m obtained pictures of the "flooding" in the signal control room. Which looked quite a lot like cement.

    An awful lot of cement.

    Covering the equipment that decides whether the trains can run.

    Oozing over the relay switches.

    Basically, someone with an errant concrete mixer has broken one of London's key underground lines.

    This afternoon our contractors were working on the new station in an area next to the Victoria line signal control room. These works involved the use of water and cement which leaked into the room, damaging equipment. This has meant there are no signals working on the southern section of the line.

    The clean-up is already underway. Transport for London say the line will stay closed tonight, although nothing is set in stone.

    BuzzFeed has already demoted the Victoria Line on our list of greatest tube routes.

    If you see a very embarrassed engineer standing near Victoria station then say hello. But remember:

    Let he who has not accidentally filled his workplace with a fast-drying cement cast the first stone.