Labour Has Created A Really Neat Tool To Work Out Your "NHS Baby Number"

    Ed Miliband's party want you to believe that only they can be trusted on the NHS. Which is where this digital campaigning comes in.

    Labour has created a clever website to give people their "NHS baby number" – where they come in the order of babies born on the NHS. In the process they're telling almost every person in the country they have a personal connection to the NHS.

    Enter your date of birth and you get a fun result to share on Facebook or Twitter.

    Most of the website celebrates the NHS while only subtly hinting at party politics.

    That said, right at the end it draws on the emotional pull of Labour's Aneurin Bevan, the founder of the NHS.

    And this way Labour can get small sums from a lot of people. Which, given the shaky state of the party's finances, is no bad idea.

    Whether these tweets, Facebook shares and email addresses can be used to win actual votes is the next challenge for the party.

    But clever sites that play on people's emotional attachment to the NHS are an effective way of going about this without spending too much money. Have a look yourself.