This UKIP Candidate Has Turned "Get The Party Started" Into A Pro-Brexit Anthem

    "Casting off the red tape and reclaiming our fish."

    Well, this is where we are, everyone. Ten days to go until Britain votes on whether to remain in the EU and Mandy Boylett of Yarm has rewritten Pink's "Get the Party Started" as a pro-Brexit anthem.

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    Let's recap quickly: Boylett, 52, is a UKIP parliamentary candidate who previously rewrote Baddiel and Skinner's "Three Lions" to be about Britain leaving the EU, which was encouraged by the internet because how often do you get someone from Teesside rerecording hit songs to be about the EU fisheries policy?

    For her latest song she's gone for an upbeat party vibe, while retaining the complaints about fish.

    Mandy Boylett

    "I’ve been trying to get the inspiration for another song for ages. I was thinking about it and it came to me in a flash," said anti-EU campaigner Boylett, speaking on the phone from her newly purchased holiday home in Spain.

    "I wanted a bit of continuity. I wanted to get the message that we’ll be still be trading with Europe. I wanted to get across the point about democracy because that’s the biggest issue."

    For the video Boylett bought herself a new union jack dress on eBay for £3.20 and then danced around with a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

    Mandy Boylett

    "I thought I’d give him [Dyson] a plug and he might send me a free hairdryer," she explained.

    Sadly, Boylett has not been asked to perform at this week's pro-Brexit music festival in Birmingham.

    Mandy Boylett

    Bpoplive, at the 15,000-capacity Genting Arena, has gone through three different line-up changes after the likes of 5ive, Sigma, and East17 all pulled out, leaving just some members of Bucks Fizz and an Elvis impersonator.

    Despite this, bona-fide UKIP candidate Boylett, whose videos have been viewed millions of times, has not been invited to perform on stage.

    "Originally I was asked if I wanted to perform but I’ve not heard anything since," she said. "But maybe this video will prompt them into action. They ought to ask me."

    Still, she's got another pro-Brexit viral video so that should be enough. What's more, it's a family effort: Boylett's student son made the video for her. Even this bit.

    She explained: “I said to my son, 'Can you get Juncker to kiss my ass?' and he said, ‘Oh yes.’ Nothing’s any bother for him."

    And that's where we are. Because, in many respects, the EU referendum campaign is best summed up by Mandy Boylett posing in front of her son's animation of Jean-Claude Juncker kissing her bottom while singing a karaoke version of a 2001 pop song rewritten to complain about fish quotas.

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