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The Leaders Of The Three Main Parties Look Exactly The Same

David, Ed, Nick. We're guessing they're fans of Autograph at M&S.

The leaders of Britain's three biggest political parties have hit the road to tell the electorate why they're different. There's only one problem: they all appear to be dressing exactly the same.

The deep commitment to the navy blue jumper and light blue shirt has spread across all political parties.

Dave & Ed this morn: that awkward moment when you're wearing exactly same as bloke you are trying to be different to

Nick Clegg pioneered the Modern Political Leader look while inspecting hedgehogs on Monday.

He was proud enough to start handling mallets while wearing it.

But then the prime minister decided to get in on the action, donning his own identikit Modern Political Leader look.

Clegg was not necessarily impressed by the prime minister taking the credit for a Lib Dem policy, even if this one mainly consisted of an endless supply of M&S shirts.

Then things got out of control. By Saturday Miliband had adopted the look, insisting that the smart casual combo is the only way to be seen in public.

George Osborne felt he was missing out, so rushed to be photographed in his own navy jumper and light blue shirt combo.

#HelptoBuy helped Craig buy new home in Colchester.Thanks for inviting great candidate @willquince & me in for tea

Sensing an opportunity, David Cameron hurried to offer an extension of Help to Buy specifically for the outfit, ensuring hardworking families can also buy their version of the outfit.

Which Ed Miliband immediately dismissed as a ploy that would not help people at the bottom of society.

Still, the election campaign rumbles on but the message remains the same: we are different politicians. Very different people. We just happen to look almost identical.