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    Jeremy Corbyn Told To Resign Over Brexit By LGBT Labour Activists At Pride

    "It's your fault, when are you resigning?" he was told by an angry party member at London's Pride march for LGBT rights.

    Jeremy Corbyn was heckled by Labour activists after turning up at the annual Pride march in central London on Saturday afternoon.

    I get so angry when politicians use the lgbtq+ community to protect their weak leadership

    The Labour leader turned up to the LGBT rights celebration after delivering a speech in central London in which he said austerity was partly to blame for Britain voting to leave the EU, and insisted he had no intention of stepping down as party leader.

    I've come to Pride to meet groups who tirelessly campaign for greater equality, inclusion & respect #LoveIsland

    "Corbyn got heckled when he turned at LGBT Labour's pride contingent for not campaigning enough in the referendum," Labour activist Tom Rutland told BuzzFeed News. "Labour members were surprised when he walked off and several shouted 'coward' at him. I've spoken to a lot of young friends who voted for Corbyn and feel betrayed."

    Labour member Tom Mauchlind shouted "you need to resign" at the Labour leader for not doing enough to keep the UK in the EU.

    "You ran on a platform of mobilising the north and working class votes... it was your platform Jeremy."

    Afterwards, Mauchline explained what had happened: "He turned up for a photo and lots of people were really annoyed, and lots of people there were really angry."

    "We were really annoyed because we blame him for the places that voted Out. Those were meant to be our people and it was very clear he didn't want to do anything [during the referendum] and there was no support from infrastructure.

    "I was genuinely just so angry. And as Jeremy would say: Pride is a protest."

    In the video, Corbyn can be heard to say: "I did all I could."

    Labour's Lord Collins, who was on the march, said he was unhappy with the party leader's reaction to the protest.

    Disappointed that @JeremyCorbyn4PM left @LGBTLabour Pride contingent without talking to members

    Labour's former general secretary later confirmed he was "very disappointed" that the Labour leader "didn't stay and make the case" to irate party activists.

    Not all Labour activists who turned out for Pride blamed Corbyn for the defeat. One said it was "Conservatives and the Murdoch press" who were responsible, while others stayed quiet.

    There were also reports of Corbyn being heckled elsewhere at the event.

    Just saw Jeremy Corbyn doing a photo opp with the fire brigade's Pride contingent. Some of our group *may* have yelled at him about Brexit

    Although the majority of Labour voters voted to remain in the EU in Thursday's referendum, a substantial number of anti-EU votes in the party's traditional heartlands of Wales, the midlands, and the north of England helped push the UK towards Brexit.

    Corbyn, who historically opposed the EU but campaigned for Remain, now faces a motion of no confidence from some MPs in his party who claim the Labour leader did not do enough during the referendum campaign to make the case to those people.

    Jim Waterson is a politics editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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