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    Jeremy Corbyn Is Now On Snapchat

    Another political first.

    Jeremy Corbyn has joined Snapchat, becoming the first leader of a major UK political party to have an account on the app.

    The Labour leader now nestles alongside the likes of DJ Khaled on Snapchat stories, where his username is jeremycorbynmp. At the same time his team have also signed him up to Instagram, where he is @jeremy_corbynmp.

    Although Corbyn is already incredibly popular on Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat is new direction and gives his supporters a glimpse behind the scenes of everyday life for a Labour leader.

    This is what the first day of Jeremy Corbyn on Snapchat looks like.

    There are pictures of Jeremy at meetings.

    There are pictures of Jeremy taking pictures after meetings.

    There are pictures of Jeremy signing things after taking pictures after meetings.

    There are more pictures of Jeremy at big public meetings.

    There are slightly terrifying pictures of enforcers making sure journalists questioning Jeremy don't do anything silly.

    There are sideways pictures of Jeremy Corbyn eating a takeaway.

    There are sideways pictures of Jeremy taking pictures.

    In fact, Jeremy seems to spend half his life taking pictures with members of the public.

    Then there's video of Jeremy boarding a ferry. Now this is the real behind-the-scenes insight.

    Because the Labour leader looks absolutely delighted to be setting sail from Liverpool's docks.

    And he's absolutely delighted to be given a chance to take control of the ferry.

    He's shown the controls.

    And then he's off, steering a ferry on the Mersey.

    This is the real perk of being Labour leader.

    But then work comes along, with an arch eye cast on the journalist posing the questions.

    So that's what Jeremy Corbyn's Snapchat game looks like.

    You can follow him here.