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All These Conservative MPs Mysteriously Tweeted That David Cameron Is "In Charge"

Stay on message. Do not divert from the message.

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If you were on Twitter during the election leaders' debate you might have seen quite a lot of Conservative politicians talk about how David Cameron was "in charge".

We have our reasons to suspect that Conservative MPs may have been asked to tweet that David Cameron is "in charge".

(All of them served as MPs in the last parliament, although they're technically just Conservative candidates at the moment.)

Either all the Conservative candidates came up with this same phrasing separately or the party HQ suggested it as a line to tweet.

Journalist Paul Waugh said Conservative spin doctors were sending messages saying Cameron was "in charge" before the debate was halfway through:

@craigawoodhouse u mean spin texts like this?: 'Cameron in charge. Nailing it'

All the parties, including Labour, regularly send around lines for their MPs to repeat to journalists and publish online. The idea is that this discipline means the core message reaches everyone in the country. The risk is that it looks inauthentic.

During Thursday's debate lots of Conservative MPs close to George Osborne were very keen for you to know that Cameron was "in charge".

Cameron remaining in charge! #leadersdebate

On substance and performance, Cameron in charge. Comfortably dealt with rainbow coalition of the tax and borrow parties #leadersdebate

And the Conservative press office account got stuck in.

Brilliant line from Cameron, in charge of the debate, in charge of a plan that's cutting tax for hardworking people

"In charge of the debate, in charge of a plan that's cutting tax for hardworking people".

Still, sending out the same messages for Conservative MPs to tweet has been much more blatant in the past:

Tory party press operation: it doesn't work if you get all your MPs to mysteriously tweet the same phrase.

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