The Police Have Absolutely Locked Down Central Manchester For Tory Conference

    The Conservatives are holding their annual party conference in central Manchester, which involves largely shutting down central Manchester.

    Manchester is hosting the Conservative party's annual conference, which is always strange because Manchester doesn't seem to like the Conservatives very much.

    In order to stop this happening again Greater Manchester Police have mounted an enormous security operation.

    Thousands of police officers have flooded the streets of the UK's second city, while streets around the conference centre have been closed with military-grade roadblocks.

    The end result is a few thousand Conservative activists and politicians locked inside a high-security prison constructed within a major city, as 30,000 people shout abuse from the outside.

    This is how many levels of security are being used to keep protesters from the actual Conservatives.

    (Or vice-versa, depending on your point of view.)

    1. First you have to cross this metal barrier and make it past these police.

    2. Then you have to make it past this line of police cars.

    3. All the direct routes to the conference venue have been blocked by more police vans and metal barriers blocking major city centre streets.

    4. Avoid the horses.

    5. After walking around a large chunk of Manchester city centre you have to make it through another metal barrier and another line of police officers.

    6. Opposite them, there's another line of police officers.

    7. Make it through all of that and you're still stuck on the outside of the conference venue, which is hidden from the public world by colourful banners.

    8. Then you have to sneak past another blocked-off street.

    9. And eventually, after two ID checks, running your bag through an X-ray machine and walking through an airport-style metal detector you're in.

    Congratulations, you're in Conservative central prison.