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14 General Election Stories You Need To Read This Weekend

BuzzFeed News has reporters all over the country, telling the story of the election campaign taking place IRL and online. Here are some of the best stories we published this week.

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1. Theresa May Wants To Regulate The Internet

Danny Lawson/PA / Getty

The Conservative manifesto launch included many policies, especially on Brexit and the economy. But one of the more intriguing and least-reported was how the party set out a comprehensive vision of how it intends to approach internet regulation, with the government taking an active role. Conservative sources clarified to BuzzFeed News that several of the policies were aimed to reducing the power of the internet giants Google and Facebook – which will be popular with newspapers.

2. Sky News Claims The Tories Are Trying To Restrict Its Election Coverage

Sky News

Coverage of the general election has often been as much about how the media is interacting with the political campaigns as it is about the politics itself. Sky News grew exasperated with its treatment by the Conservative press operation and on Thursday morning told BuzzFeed News that they were no longer willing to put up with the status quo – much to the anger of the Tory party.

3. Simon Danczuk's Election Paperwork Says He Lives With His Ex-Wife, But She Says Otherwise

Andrew Yates / Reuters

Former Labour MP Simon Danczuk was suspended by the party for eighteen months before quitting to stand as an independent in this year's general election. His official nomination papers state he lives with ex-wife Karen Danczuk but when a BuzzFeed News reporter knocked on the door to verify this, she claimed otherwise. Making a false claim on election papers is a potentially criminal offence. Simon Danczuk insisted it is a misunderstanding.


4. Stories About Young People Registering To Vote For Jeremy Corbyn Are Dominating Facebook

BuzzFeed News

The latest edition of the BuzzFeed News Social Barometer – an attempt to track which political stories are going viral on Facebook – showed how people really, really want to read articles on how young people registered to vote can swing the election.

5. Jeremy Corbyn Isn't Visiting Labour's Most Vulnerable Seats

BuzzFeed News

Jeremy Corbyn has been attracting massive crowds on his election tour stops in constituencies across the country. But how is he picking locations to visit? An analysis by BuzzFeed News suggests he is largely avoiding marginal constituencies where Labour is fighting a defensive battle agains the Conservatives and is instead focussing on constituencies which either already have large Labour majorities or Tory-held seats required to form a majority government.

7. No, More People Under 25 Voting Won't Swing The Election Result

Ljupco / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

There's been a lot of effort put into getting young people registered to vote ahead of the general election. As a result there's been a lot of articles claiming young people on their own can swing the general election result. Unfortunately, nothing in life is quite that simple. BuzzFeed News' Tom Phillips ruined all the fun by actually running the numbers of just how many young people would need to vote to change the election result.


9. The Majority Of Tory MPs Will Still Be White And Male After The General Election

Leon Neal / AFP / Getty Images

Theresa May has long campaigned for more women to be represented in the Conservative party but analysis by BuzzFeed News found the Tories still have a long way to go, with only around a quarter of the party's politicians set to be female if the opinion polls are correct.

10. How Theresa May's "Presidential" Election Campaign Has Sidelined Some Of The Tories' Biggest Names

Tim Lane / Getty / BuzzFeed

Theresa May has ensured the Conservative campaign all about her. Candidate scripts talk about "Theresa May's team" and the Tory logo is often in small print on posters. This mean you aren't seeing much of the other members of the cabinet – with BuzzFeed News finding evidence that some members have not been pictured in public at all.

13. The Lib Dems Want To Be The Main Opposition – But Can They Even Win Back Their Old Supporters?

Matt Cardy / Getty

The Liberal Democrats launched their unashamedly pro-EU manifesto this week. But BuzzFeed News reporter Laura Silver found they have a real problem: many of the voters who deserted them at the 2015 general election, especially in the south west of England, are anti-EU. And if Tim Farron can't win them over then his party could suffer another catastrophic result.

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