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Fox News Expert Said Non-Muslims Don't Visit Birmingham And Created A Meme

A guest on the US news channel said that Birmingham is "totally Muslim" and "non-Muslims simply don't go in". The internet responded mercilessly.

Fox News guest Steve Emerson claimed that non-Muslims are never allowed into Birmingham, during an interview regarding recent terror attacks in France.

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Emerson, who describes himself as a terrorism expert, runs an organisation called the Investigative Project on Terrorism.

He gravely told presenter Jeanine Pirro that Birmingham was now completely closed to non-Muslims: " Britain, it's not just no-go zones, there are actual cities like Birmingham that are totally Muslim where non-Muslims just simply don't go in."

This was a bit of a shock to the residents of Birmingham where, according to Birmingham city council, just 21.8% of the city's population are Muslim.

Over 40% of Brummies describe themselves as Christian, while the city also has a large population of teenage goths. It is understood many of them are allowed to travel around their own city.

So the internet created #FoxNewsFacts, to show how the channel would report on other matters.

Because in the world of #FoxNewsFacts, it's pretty clear Birmingham is now a Muslim-only city.

Mecca Bingo, probable proof of the Islamic domination of Birmingham according to #foxnewsfacts

And the clues are there in Birmingham's buildings.

At a height of 152m, Birmingham's main minaret is the tallest in the world #foxnewsfacts

In birmingham, buildings wear the burqa #foxnewsfacts

Even the city's football teams have been affected.

This is a picture from the Aston Villa-Birmingham derby. #FoxNewsFacts

Dangerous bearded fanatics have a history of running Birmingham's sporting institutions #FoxNewsfacts

While some of the UK's favourite TV programmes have been hit.

The Vicar of Dibley was reproduced for transmission in Birmingham as “The Imam of Dudley” #Foxnewsfacts

The design of Spaghetti Junction was an obvious hint.

Spaghetti Junction was specifically designed to make sure all roads lead to Mecca @FoxNews #FoxNewsFacts

Actually, it was called the Carbonara Junction until they banned pork products in Birmingham. #foxnewsfacts

We simply need to check out who is from the surrounding region.

One of the leading radical clerics in Birmingham #foxnewsfacts

Not to mention the music Birmingham has produced.

It started in Birmingham in the eighties with bands that radicalised young people like 'Koran Koran' #FoxNewsFacts

Birmingham's top jihadist glam rock band are called Slayed #foxnewsfacts

Plus the names of nearby towns.

Nuneaton was named during the daylight hours of Ramadan. #FoxNewsFacts

And the menus in local restaurants.

All Birmingham restaurants are obliged to serve food "Allah Carte" #foxnewsfacts

Guinness was actually inspired by the niqab. #FoxNewsFacts

The secret heritage of famous Brummies has now been exposed.

Famous people born in Birmingham include Abdullah "Adrian" Chiles and the Supreme Caliph Jasper Carrott #foxnewsfacts

Even rubbish collectors are affected.

Birmingham's refuse collectors are all Bin Laden #FoxNewsFacts

Cricketer Moeen Ali, a native Brummie, has been drawn into the affair.

Terrifying photo of how a typical Muslim from Birmingham guards the city gates against infidels. #foxnewsfacts

Others showed how Muslim-only towns had secretly existed across the UK for years.

England's first Muslim-only town was Redcar, which was represented in Parliament by Mohammed ('Mo') Mowlam. #FoxNewsFacts

Just look at Brighton.

A church in Brighton was demolished by the caliphate to build this mosque #FoxNewsFacts

It's even there in the road network.

Viewed from above, the M26 spells out 'Death to the West' in Arabic #FoxNewsFacts

In fact, it's everywhere.

In 2013, 92% of Brits attending weddings hired their outfits from a jihadist group known as Mosque Bros #foxnewsfacts

Now someone's started a petition asking Birmingham to let non-Muslims back into the city.

Because according to #FoxNewsFacts, Birmingham is basically the centre of the Islamic State right now.

BREAKING: Fox News publishes up-to-date map of terrorist movements.

Meanwhile, in a show of solidarity, this brave Muslim began offering assistance to non-Muslims who want to visit Birmingham.

If you are a non-muslim and would like to visit Birmingham #illridewithyou #FoxNewsFacts

UPDATE: After being contacted by journalists, Steve Emerson said his comments were "totally in error" and promised to make a donation to Birmingham Children's Hospital.

I asked Steven Emerson for a comment on #foxnewsfacts. Guy apologises and is going to make a donation to charity