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David Cameron's Support For "Team Nigella" Leads Judge To Delay Court Case

The Prime Minister inadvertantly delayed the start of this morning's proceedings.

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The trial of two women accussed of defrauding Nigella Lawson's ex-husband Charles Saatchi was delayed this morning following comments made by David Cameron.

Olivia Harris / Reuters

Sisters Francesca and Elisabetta Grillo, Lawson's former aides, are accussed of defrauding Charles Saatchi out of £300,000.

The case was delayed after the Prime Minister said he was on "Team Nigella" in a magazine interview.

Olivia Harris / Reuters

Judge Robin Johnson delayed the case for an entire morning because he felt the need to look through "a large number of press reports" regarding Cameron's comments. He said it was a shame to waste court time in this manner.

It is of regret when people in public office comment about a person who is involved in a trial which is in progress.
I ask a question I feel sure he'll dodge: about the trial of Charles Saatchi's former housemaids and the revelation that his ex-wife, Nigella Lawson, used cocaine. Her fans have rushed to her defence: 'Team Nigella' is used as a hashtag on Twitter and even sprayed on city walls. Is the Prime Minister on Team Nigella? 'I am,' he says. 'I'm a massive fan, I've had the great pleasure of meeting her a couple of times and she always strikes me as a very funny and warm person. Nancy [Cameron's nine-year-old daughter] and I sometimes watch a bit of Nigella on telly. Not in court, I hasten to add.'

Cameron may wish he had Nelson's instinct for a tricky question.