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UKIP's Hedge Fund Backer Is Funding Conservative Candidates Again

The multimillionaire Crispin Odey is helping Jacob Rees-Mogg win re-election.

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Crispin Odey, one of UKIP's biggest donors, has returned to providing financial backing to the Conservatives in time for the general election.

Odey, who is thought to be worth over £400 million, has been one of UKIP's most high-profile backers despite never joining the party. He hosted private dinners where he introduced Nigel Farage to fellow hedge fund executives, and last year personally gave £22,000 to UKIP.

But he has now changed direction, handing £6,000 to the campaign to re-elect Conservative candidate Jacob Rees-Mogg in the North East Somerset constituency, according to parliament's register of members' interests. The donation was registered on 30 March, the day parliament was dissolved.

Earlier this month, Rees-Mogg described UKIP as "the natural allies of the Conservatives", while Odey has previously been spotted dining with former cabinet minister and Conservative Owen Paterson.

Odey, a prominent Eurosceptic, made millions by correctly predicting the 2007 financial crisis. He recently spent over £100,000 building a chicken hut in the style of a Grecian temple in his garden and is now predicting another major financial collapse in the near future.

A spokesperson for Odey Asset Management told BuzzFeed News: "Crispin Odey is not available to discuss."

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