How The World's Newspapers Reacted To The Attack On Charlie Hebdo

    Newspapers around the world have been reacting to the murder of 12 journalists at France's Charlie Hebdo. Some have printed the publication's controversial cartoons on their front pages.

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    1. The Independent (UK)

    2. Aftenposten (Norway)


    3. Berliner Kurier (Germany)

    Berliner Kurier

    "No, you cannot kill our freedom."

    4. Mint (India)

    In solidarity with #ChalieHebdo, tomo's @livemint front page. #FoE #JeSuisCharlie


    In solidarity with #ChalieHebdo, tomo's @livemint front page. #FoE #JeSuisCharlie

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    5. The Sun (UK)

    6. Politiken (Denmark)


    7. Libération (France)


    "We are all Charlie."

    8. Daily Mirror (UK)

    Daily Mirror

    9. The Times (UK)

    The Times

    10. BZ (Germany)

    11. L'Echo (France)


    "We're all Charlies."

    12. Le Télégramme (France)

    Le Telegramme


    13. International New York Times (Europe)

    International New York Times

    14. Berlingske (Denmark)

    15. Evening Standard (UK)

    Evening Standard

    16. Das Bild front page (Germany)

    Das Bild

    Das Bild back page (Germany)

    Das Bild

    17. Le Figaro (France)

    Le Figaro

    18. The Guardian (UK)

    The Guardian

    19. Mon Quotidien (France)

    Mon Quotidien

    "Charb, the creator of Quotillion, has been murdered."

    (Charb, the editor-in-chief of Charlie Hebdo, drew a cartoon for the children's newspaper.)

    20. L'avenir (Belgium)


    21. Daily Mail (UK)

    Daily Mail

    22. Herald Sun (Australia)

    Herald Sun

    23. L'Equipe (France, sport newspaper)


    24. Sud-Ouest (France)


    25. Berliner Zeitung (Germany)

    Berliner Zeitung

    26. De Morgen (Belgium)

    De Morgen

    27. Financial Times (UK)

    Financial Times

    28. The National (Scotland)

    The National

    29. De Tijd (Belgium)

    De Tijd

    30. L'Echo (Belgium)


    31. Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten (Denmark)

    Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten

    32. The New York Times (U.S.)

    33. The Washington Post (U.S.)

    34. New York Post (U.S.)

    35. The Boston Globe (U.S.)

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