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    Harry Potter's Ministry Of Magic Has Finally Made It Onto The Internet

    Opening up the UK government to non-muggles.

    A Harry Potter fan has created a Ministry of Magic website that looks just like the real UK government site.

    We thought Harry Potter fans had exhausted every possible creative outlet for paying tribute to JK Rowling's books.

    Until we saw this brilliant recreation of the Ministry of Magic website.

    It's based on the code of the award-winning website, which launched in 2012 to bring almost every aspect of the UK government into one place. But the existing website doesn't offer much for wizards.

    The Ministry of Magic site is very like its muggle equivalent. There's a news story stating that the transport network will be shut down for Christmas, with little in the way of explanation.

    The Ministry of Magic's official duties are set out using lots of management speak, just like the real website.

    And the Ministry of Magic's civil servants are also churning out endless official consultations and obscure statistics.

    The site is the work of Andy Brown, who snuck himself into the list of ministers.