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    13 Things You Probably Don't Know About Nigel Farage

    The UKIP leader led his party to victory in the recent European Parliament elections. But how much do you know about Nigel Farage?

    1. Farage only has one testicle.

    2. Farage was "dazzled" by Enoch Powell as a teenager.

    3. Farage was at school with the Turner Prize-winning conceptual artist Jeremy Deller.

    4. Farage really, really hates John Lennon's song "Imagine", according to his autobiography.

    5. Farage almost joined the army.

    6. Farage was hit by a car after having an drunken argument over politics.

    7. Farage's father was an alcoholic who attempted suicide.

    8. Farage received death threats from the pilot of the plane that crashed while carrying the UKIP politician.

    9. Farage's wife is German.

    10. Farage once defeated an attempt by rebel UKIP members – led by Rowan Atkinson's brother – to split the party in two.

    Rowan Atkinson's brother Rodney Atkinson came within 16 votes of becoming UKIP leader in 2000. He took the loss very badly and attempted to cause a schism at an emergency meeting of the party,forcing Farage to jump on stage at an emergency meeting and call for calm in a bid to save the party.

    Just to make things more bizarre the meeting was chaired by former Record Breakers host Norris McWhirter, an avowed Eurosceptic and UKIP supporter.

    11. Farage used to vote for the Green Party.

    12. Farage used to live with fellow UKIP politician Godfrey Bloom.

    13. Farage was branded "seven times a night Nigel" by a Latvian woman who claims he seduced her in a local pub.