Yo YO lay a fat beat and i'll bust a freestyle 'bout the 'hood where i grew up...
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  • Paul Solomon: Chronicles Of Love “Karina”

    Paul Solomon: Chronicles of Love follows well-intentioned songwriter Paul Solomon on his quest for love and musical inspiration and romance. Each episode features a new pop-rock ballad that leads us on a surrealist music video journey into Paul’s mind, exploring his rich and often ridiculous fantasy life. Harsh truths continually thwart Paul’s exuberant, heartfelt fantasies, leading to a chronicle of misadventures. In today’s Valentine’s Day Special, “Karina” (Dir. Jim Turner & Bill Schaumberg), Paul embarks on his most perilous adventure yet: the world of online dating. Upon receiving his first ever Ok Cupid message, from user Karina001, Paul immediately launches into a rousing old school piano rock number in the style of Billy Joel’s “Keeping the Faith.” Dancing mailmen, The Cuddle Sutra, and Paul’s solo spaceflight soon follow. Paul returns from delivering his boisterous ballad just in time to receive some underwhelming news from his online crush.

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