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10 Celebrities We'd Like To See In The Hot Seat

These performers are more entertaining when they're just being themselves. Here are some of the faces we'd like to catch up with on late night TV or talk shows, and the questions we'd ask them. More than half of these guys will be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! next week. Tune in at Midnight/11c on ABC to find out if any of these questions get answered...

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1. Chris Rock

Because we're all dying to know the details for Grown Ups 2.


What are you thoughts on Chris Tucker?

Is David Spade really, you know, like that in real life?

Is your Kanye West "Blame Game" outro monologue based on a real girl? If so, can I have her number?

2. Howard Stern

Nothing says "great guest" like a 6'4" rock and roll Jesus who made his fortune off a version of Girls Gone Wild that airs ON THE RADIO. Come on.


Has Ozzy ever wandered onto the set of America's Got Talent while having an acid flashback?

Do you have trouble getting in and out of most rooms?

How much have you cumulatively spent on bail for Artie Lange?

4. Tracy Morgan

Tracy is notorious for taking his shirt off on talk shows, so prepare your eyeballs for that. He essentially plays a parody of himself on 30 Rock, which, if you've watched, is saying a lot.


Are you allergic to shirts?

Did you really once ask your doctor for sweatpants money?

5. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert... together.

Was there ever a more dynamic duo of pundits? Put these two in the same room, and watch the sarcasm happen. This is why people don't vote.


What was your favorite moment in the 2012 Presidential debates?

Do you guys ever hang out in real life? Who wears the pants?

Can you guys do a song together, or something?

6. Mike Tyson

It's a pleasure just to hear him speak. And someone will inevitably ask him how that ear tasted. IF ANDY COHEN CAN DO IT, ANYONE CAN.


Did you try and stop the lawsuit concerning your face tattoo on Ed Helms in The Hangover 2?

Who is your favorite friend on Friends?

Have you tried to capitalize on today's zombie craze, because, you know, you're famous for eating human flesh? Don't punch me.

9. The Entire Cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta At The Same Time

Do we even need to explain?


Can you just tell us upfront why you already hate the new cast members?

Hey Kim, how's the music career going?

Can you guys just talk amongst yourselves until someone starts shaking their head violently?

10. Big Bird

Big Bird's recent appearance on late night TV seems to suggest there is a larger conversation to have with our oversized aviary-dwelling friend.


Have you started sending resumes in to other streets?

Have you considered a career as a center in the NBA?

Do you ever want to punch Elmo?