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    • jimmyj6

      Patch wrote damaging defaming stories that were bought and paid for through advertising. Many of these defaming stories still online today. They were written to intentionally defame people and bought by dirty politicians who gave money in exchange for advertising and writing made up vicious concocted stories of illegal arrests that were staged by a Mayor and his Police Department in one town who violated someones civil rights and broke the Color of Law. The mayor will eventually be federally convicted because of the reckless act on Patch. Turns out the Mayor was also involved with Cyber harassing and cyber stalking the individual. He is part of a corrupt political machine that has been under federal investigation for dirty contracts, bribery and organized crime including wire tapping. Patch is reckless, and has given Tim Armstrong and AOL a very BAD name. Other law suits are the shareholders that were lied to because of Tim and his reckless behavior. Executives are fleeing Patch because the same irresponsible reporters who broke these fabricated stories have been bribed into new positions or were fired from patch so they are now speaking out. Patch is dirty and patch creates stories that are lies. Many of the stories are designed to defame people and ruin their reputation and hurt them from seeking employment. These stories are created by elected officials and corrupt political machines like George Norcross who invests tons of money into social media to maliciously Character Assassinate individuals who don’t do what he wants. He pays tons of money into AOL Patch advertising to get some stupid reporter who needs his job to write these damaging stories that have illegally been designed and manufactured by corrupt political officials and police departments. The FBI and US Justice Department have been sent information about the findings of this Corrupt Media Story Ring. Patch is in the center of some serious questioning and this could take down one of the biggest political machines in history.

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