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12 Unbelievable Theories We Believed As Kids

We were all kids once, so don't laugh too hard.

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"I believed that old movies were black and white because everything in the past looked like that, until we discovered color (I guess in the '50s). This was years before Pleasantville."

—Justin T.


"I believed that Freddie Mercury discovered mercury (the element)."

—Angela W.


"I thought my toys came to life when I wasn't looking."

—Mandy C.


"I thought the map of the world showed us only one half of the planet. I couldn't wait to be old enough for them to teach me about the other side of the world! (This was a major letdown.)"

—Johanna S.


"I thought that babies came out of belly buttons."

—Ashley B.


"Clouds bumping into each other make thunder and land floats on water."

—James D.


"I heard the phrase 'land sharks' once, and I thought that meant that there were sharks for ever type of material. Sea sharks, land sharks, so probably also carpet sharks, tile sharks, sand box sharks..."

—Emily S.


"For the longest time (until like 6 or 7) I thought every human was a robot. Somehow I managed to learn empathy..."

—Clark M.


"Toilet sharks live in the deep end of the pool."

—Hannah C.


"I thought that people on the other side of the world were only allowed to be awake when we were asleep. One day I told my mom it was unfair that Chinese people were only allowed to be awake for eight hours."

—Kristin R.


"Gum sticks to your heart if you swallow it."

—Jess M.


"My dad's name is Jose, and I thought the National Anthem was 'Jose, can you see?'"

—Jen V.

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