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11 Stock Photo Models Who Didn’t Have Breakfast This Morning

A tragic and true story of real stock models who couldn't spare 45 seconds to whip up a fully cooked breakfast. And so, their days have been RUINED. 45 seconds is literally all it takes with Jimmy Dean.

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2. Jack thought he'd get some work done around the house instead.

But instead, he failed so miserably at his attempt to fix the plumbing that he was left lost in the toilet sea.

11. Bob's tummy grumbles kept interrupting his conference call.


He thought skipping breakfast would save him time. Now he's hangry and munching on those shredded "classified files."

All images via Thinkstock

Don't skip breakfast like these fools. Make yourself a hot, fully cooked breakfast in just 45 seconds with Jimmy Dean Sausage.

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