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9 Reasons Why Teen Titans Robin Is Trans

There's so little trans representation in the media that sometimes you just have to go out and claim it for yourself and that's what I'm doing in the first video in my "Your Fav is Trans" series.

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We all love and miss the late, great Teen Titans

And we all know that there's a decided lack of trans representation in the media today

So I decided to take matters into my own hands

And I started with my beloved Robin and why he is, in fact, a trans boy.


Does this look like cis-het behavior to you?

#1 Body Shape

Robin has a total dorito body, despite the fact that most of the other male Titans are basically cylinders. His chest also 100% looks like he's binding. Just saying.

#2 Height Anxiety

Like a lot of trans guys (though, of course, not all), Robin hates how short he is. In the first episode, Cyborg's big insult to him is that he's short and Robin gets so mad! Why? Cause he's trans.

#3 Batman

Why doesn't Robin "look more trans?" Because he grew up with a man who could pay for the best gender affirmation care in the world, but probably just hired a bunch of scientists to invent better ways.

#4 Aliens

If you go with the [movie] canon ship, Robin is hooking up with an alien. And even if Rob/Star doesn't float your boat, there's no way he's messing around with a "normal" human. So who's to judge him for being trans? The alien who doesn't know anything about the lie that is "biological gender?" The girl from another reality? The actual cyborg? The shapeshifter? Yeah, I didn't think so.

#5 The Secret Identity

Everyone knows he's Robin. Everyone knows he used to work with Batman. Unless he's that freaked out about possibly outing Bruce Wayne to his team, why is he so worried about folks finding out about his non-superhero past? Is it because he's trans? It is!

#6 Vocal Overcompensation

He forces his voice to be low and rough and, given that he wasn't raised by Christopher Nolan's Batman, I'd say it's because he's worried about sounding "manly enough."

#7 A Date with Being Outed?

Robin is, understandably, freaked out about going on a date with a strange and evil girl. But some of that fear could come from the fact that if she gets frisky with him, she could gain the power to out him, something that he (in this trans world of mine) obviously fears.

#8 Insecurities Like Whoa

Of course, not every trans person is riddled with insecurities, but don't you think that the first teen trans superhero would have some anxieties about "not being good enough?"

#9 (Social) Justice

If Robin is trans, he's fighting not only for justice in general, but also to defend a targeted community that he's a member of and god knows the trans community could use a superhero or two looking out for us.

And there you have it!

Check out the whole video here:

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Now with bonus fandom rant!

Which of your favs are trans? Let me know in the comments!

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