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21 Questions Trans People Are Sick Of Hearing

Education is important, but some things just don't need to be asked. And yet every trans person has heard these too many times...

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My [distant acquaintance] is trans; do you know them?


No, I don't have some psychic connection to all other trans people. ... But we probably have at least three Facebook friends in common because we do kinda all know each other. Whoops.

Which one is a trans man and which one is a trans woman?


The one with the word "woman" in it is for women and the one with the word "man" in it is for men. Had to give an impromptu lecture on this one time. At work.

Can I see your ID?


Do you think I'm under 21 and want to serve me a drink? Because I'm pretty sure you just want to see my gender marker, legal name, and a terrible picture of me not passing. So no.

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