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17 Of The Most Devastating First World Problems

Just one of those days...

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1. When you find out you've washed your Chapstick.

2. When you've just missed happy hour.

3. When someone's grabbed the last free donut at work.

4. When your phone is in the red and you've forgot your charger.

5. When the bar/restaurant doesn't have free Wifi.

6. When your favorite show goes on a mid-season break.

7. When Netflix won't load your show.

Or even worse, the HD isn't loading.

8. When the remote is on the other side of the room.

9. When your shampoo runs out before your conditioner.

10. When you can't find the perfect Facebook profile picture.

11. When you hear Royals on the radio for the seventh time today.

12. When you can't find that cute guy/girl from your lecture on Facebook.

13. When someone doesn't reply to your text right away.

14. When there are more kernels than popcorn in the bowl.

15. When you open your sub to find tomatoes, and you strictly said NO tomatoes.

16. When no one re-tweets/favorites your most recent masterpiece.

Do you know how long it took to come up with that in 140 characters?

17. Lastly, when you realize you are guilty of every single one of these.

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