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12 Ways To Spend Valentine's Day Alone

I'm sorry.

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1. Grab the wine.

No Valentine = No Sharing

2. Buy all the Ice Cream.

"I only need two men in my life... and their names are Ben & Jerry."

3. Order your take-out.

No Valentine = Not holding back on making love to that delicious burger.

4. Two words: JUNK FOOD.

There is never enough food on this day of misery.

5. Choose your movies wisely.

My Valentines Day Watch-list:

-(500) Days of Summer (Because we all hate love.)

-The Time Travelers Wife (Because we all need to cry about love.)

-The Notebook (Because, The Notebook.)

6. Grab the tissue box.

Cry like no one loves you... oh wait.

7. I mean like really cry.

8. Like seriously ball your eyes out.

9. Like you're still not crying enough.

10. Don't forget you can get angry at the world.

Curse you goddess of love..CURSE YOU.

11. But good heavens stay away from social media.

There is nothing worse than Facebook in love. Like I actually want to punch all of you in the throat.

12. And always remember how beautiful you are...even on Valentine's Day.

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