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    Time To Put Right The Ugly Secret Of The Beautiful Game

    The Qatar 2022 World Cup should be a great celebration of football, but something has gone badly wrong and some are now predicting as many as 4,000 could die to bring us the tournament. That cannot be allowed to happen

    In 2010 Qatar won the right to host the 2022 World Cup

    This will be the first World Cup in the Middle East

    To host the competition they are planning to build 9 new stadia

    And billions of dollars of hotels, roads and railways

    The tiny Gulf State can afford this massive infrastructure spending because thanks to its massive gas reserves Qatar is now the richest country per head on the planet

    Qatar has the cash but it doesn't have the workers, so it imports them. 100,000s of them

    More than 400,000 of the workers come from Nepal in search of higher paid to work

    But something is going badly wrong. In November last year Amnesty International released their breakthrough report 'The Dark Side of Migration'

    This ILO video shows the sorts of problems these workers face

    View this video on YouTube

    In Qatar, this can mean:

    • Migrant workers arriving in Qatar to find that the terms and conditions of their work are different to those they had been promised during the recruitment process – including lower salaries and different positions than agreed

    • Migrant workers having their pay withheld for months, or not being paid at all

    • Employers leaving migrant workers "undocumented" and therefore at risk of being detained by the authorities

    • Migrant workers having their passports confiscated and being prevented from leaving the country by their employers

    • Migrant workers being made to work excessive (sometimes extreme) hours and employers failing to protect workers’ health and safety adequately

    • Migrant workers being housed in squalid accommodation

    This isn't just uncomfortable. The ITUC predicts that if things stay the way they are 4,000 migrant workers will die in Qatar before 2022

    To put that in perspective, no-one died to bring us the London 2012 Olympics

    At the end of March I am travelling to Qatar to meet some of these workers myself

    The World Cup is 8 years away but the abuse of migrant workers has to end now

    Join the campaign for change. If you want FIFA to take responsibility for the workers delivering their World Cup then why not let them know. Write to them at